Earth Benders

Alignment: Earth is a solid force, and one might expect this to translate to a tendency towards Law, but one must remember that earth is everywhere, and it’s patient, and thus, if anything, Earth Benders are a diverse lot.
Races: The talent for tapping into the power of earth lies in many blood lines. There is a strong lineage of dwarven Earth Benders, as well as a not-unknown tradition of Earth Benders amongst the Hill and Stone Giants.
Hit Die: d10
Class Skills:
BAB: Full
Saves: Good Fort, Poor Ref, Good Will

Level Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Special
1 + 0 + 2 + 0 + 2 Earth Blast, Earth-o-kinesis, Stone Resistance, Earth Magic, Hill Stride
2 + 1 + 3 + 0 + 3 Earth Shield, Breaking Stones
3 + 2 + 3 + 1 + 3 Earth Gauntlet, Hail of Stone
4 + 3 + 4 + 1 + 4 Earth Sinking
5 + 3 + 4 + 1 + 4 Mountain Stance
6 + 4 + 5 + 2 + 5 Tremors, Launch
7 + 5 + 5 + 2 + 5 Earth’s Embrace
8 + 6 + 6 + 3 + 6 Stone is Putty in Your Hands
9 + 6 + 6 + 3 + 6 Earth Ram, Earth Armour
10 + 7 + 7 + 3 + 7 Heart of Stone, Metal Bending
11 + 8 + 7 + 4 + 7 Raise the Great Wall, Swirling Sands
12 + 9 + 8 + 4 + 8 Earth Eruption, Stone Softening
13 + 9 + 8 + 4 + 8 The Hills Have Arms
14 + 10 + 9 + 5 + 9 Miniature Colossus
15 + 11 + 9 + 5 + 9 Earthquake

Earth Blast: An Earth Bender can lift chunks of earth, stone, and other mineral based material (but not, by in large, metal) through a force like telekinesis, and use them to strike at range. The damage dealt depends on the material at hand. When using sand, dirt, or other loose material, such as gravel, it does 1d4 points of damage per level, packed earth deals 1d6 damage per level, and stone deals 1d8 damage per level. Earth Blast can also launch weapons, in which case it deals damage per the weapon’s material, plus weapon damage, plus any relevant modifiers, such as enhancement bonus, enchantments, etc. (So, a 5th level Earth Bender with 12 dex launching a Magic Flaming stone shot put makes his attack at + 6[+ 2 magic, – 2 stone], dealing 5d8[Earth Blast]+ 2d6[shot put]+ 1d6 Fire+0[+ 2 magic, – 2 stone].)

Earth-o-kinesis: Just as they can launch chunks of earth as attacks, Earth Benders can levitate dirt, earth, stone, and other mineral based items with a strength of 10 plus 5/level for purposes of weight. Suitably large masses of such material can be used as cover (half the height of the character in all directions, half cover; three quarters their height, full). Yes, this means that wearing armour of a material they can affect with Earth-o-kinesis, they use their “levitating earth” strength to figure encumbrance.

Weight of Earth by size

Material #/Cubic Foot
Cement 100 #
Concrete 146 #
Dense Earth 124 #
Fuller’s Earth (mixture of fine sand and metal particles 42 #
Glass 161 #
Granite 271 #
Gravel 105 #
Loam 78 #
Sand, Dry 100 #
Stone (Common, generic) 157 #
Generally speaking, a chunk of material need be at least half the size of a creature to provide half cover (~3' around for medium creatures) and 3/4 or better to provide full (~4.5' around for medium). Loose materials can be held packed, as if force was being exerted evenly on all sides. Materials can be lifted in thickness less than a foot, for a proportionate reduction in weight. Loose materials should be kept about 6" thick to provide any protection, while most stone can go as thin as an inch. For a rough usable figure, an Earth Mage can generally find dense earth, lifting a chunk about 2" thick, and we'll say it weighs about 10% more than a worked piece, for 22 #/square foot, making a chunk usable for half cover weigh just under 200 #. Well within a first level Earth Mage's lifting capacity. Weights for various materials are here: To find poundage, divide the figures given by 1000 (specific gravity compared to water), then multiply by 62.4(the density of water). You know, in case you want to get *even more pedantic.*

Stone Resistance: Earth Benders channel the energy of the earth through their own bodies. As they do, the energy leeches into them, and begins to alter them. As such, Earth Benders have Acid Resistance equal to their level, receive a bonus to checks against being knocked back equal to 4+ 1/2 Level (round down), make saves and escape/strength based checks against earth based effects with a bonus equal to their class level. For example, an Earth Bender is targeted with the spell Earthen Grasp. When making their opposed grapple or escape artist check to resist or escape, the Earth Bender receives a bonus equal to their class level.

Earth Magic: Earth Benders are considered to know all spells with the Earth Subtype for the purposes of activating magic items or qualifying for classes/feats/etc.

Hill Stride: An Earth Bender can use their pull with the earth to propel them further and faster than normal. While in contact with earth, dirt, stone (worked or unworked), sand, or otherwise in contact with real ground (as opposed to a wood floor, floating in the water, flying, etc.), they receive a + 5’/class level circumstance bonus to any movement speed used to move across it (usually base speed, but may include, and will flat out give, climb speed if climbing earthen walls). This same ability can propel an Earth Bender through earth, granting them a burrow speed equal to 5’/class level.

Earth Shield: At 2nd level, an Earth Bender learns how to position a levitated stone or chunk of earth such as to receive actual protection from it in combat. A 1’ across chunk of material will perform as a buckler, 2’ across as a light shield, and 4’ across as a heavy. These shields are actually levitated, thus keeping the Earth Bender’s hands free, but do require concentration to maneuver accurately, and thus function exactly like shields, except for taking a hand.

Breaking Stones: A 2nd level Earth Bender can break boulders, bricks, and walls with surprising ease. They receive a + 5/level circumstance bonus to their strength for the purposes of damage earth based, non-metal materials.

Earth Gauntlet: The 3rd level Earth Bender learns to shape earth around their fist, giving them a strong, powerful attack. They may use Fist of Stone at will.

Hail of Stone: A 3rd level Earth Bender can easily throw a small load of rocks into the air at range. They can use Hail of Stone at will.

Earth Sinking: A 4th level Earth Bender has a singular ability to reach out and touch opponents. They can use the earth to grasp an opponent, and pull him into the ground. They have the ability to use a specialized version of the Earthen Grasp spell at will, which will actually pull foes under the ground on a round in which it manages to maintain a grapple. At 5th level, she can do this with stone, using either Earthen Grasp or Stony Grasp at will.

Mountain Stance: A 5th level Earth Bender is incredibly hard to move, unless they want you to. They are constantly under the effects of the Mountain Stance spell.

Tremors: The 6th level Earth Bender learns to reach out to the vibrations of earth and direct them, as well as use them to her advantage. They gain Tremorsense out to 30’, plus 10’ per five class levels above 4th. They can also use Earth Bolt at will.

Launch: By quickly moving earth below them, Earth Benders can achieve a sort of long jump/flight movement. They may use Swift Fly at will, but can only activate it when their feet are touching earth, stone, etc.

Earth’s Embrace: The 7th level Earth Bender has forged a deep connection with the earth, becoming as it’s child. Any time she would take damage from a stone or earth source, including stone weapons, earth elemental and stone and clay golem slams, or falling into earth or stone, the damage is non-lethal.

Stone is Putty in Your Hands: At 8th level, the Earth Bender is able to pull earth as easy as taffy. They can use Land Womb, Meld into Stone, and Stone Shape at will. At 10th level, they may use Greater Stone Shape at will.

Earth Ram: At 9th level, the Earth Bender can cause great pillars of stone to rise from the ground (or earth or stone ceilings, walls, etc) with enough force to do physical damage. They may use the spell Sudden Stalagmite at will, with the change that the pillar can come from any stone or earth surface, and at anywhere from a 30 to 150 degree angle.

Earth Armour: At 9th level, the Earth Bender can actually wrap stone around themselves with relative ease. When they take a full round to do so, they receive DR 10/Adamantine. Once this armour coating has absorbed 10 points of damage per class level, it will fall apart, leaving the Earth Bender unprotected until they can take another full round to renew it. The downside is that you find it difficult to move in the heavy stone plating, which effectively has a Max Dex of 1.

Heart of Stone: At tenth level, the Earth Bender has absorbed enough of the earth’s essence for a more substantial change to take effect. She receives DR 5/-, Electricity Immunity and Resistance 5 to Cold and Fire as her heart is fortified and partially fossilized by the energies which course through her on a daily basis.

Metal Bending: When one meditates on the universe, and focuses upon earth and those things which are found within, she learns the truth that all metal is earth in a different form. A 10th level Earth Bender may use any of her abilities on metal. When Earth Blast uses metal as a projectile, it deals 1d10 damage per class level.

Weight of Metals by size

Material #/1" Thick Square Foot
Brass 45 #
Bronze 43 #
Copper 46 #
Electrum 45 #
Gold 100.5 #
Iron 40.82 #
Lead 60 #
Platinum 111 #
Silver 54.548 #
Steel 41 #
Due to metal's (usually) greater durability, weights are given for 1" thick 1'x1' sheets.

Raise the Great Wall: An 11th level Earth Bender can lift vast expanses of stone or earth with barely a shift in stance. They can use Wall of Stone and Wall of Iron at will, assuming, of course, that they are creating the wall on the appropriate type of surface. It’s somewhat important to note where the material is coming from, as well. If they’re on an iron ship and create a Wall of Iron, then they’re actually tearing sheeting up from the ship.

Swirling Sands: At 11th level, an Earth Bender can quickly vibrate earth covered in fine particles, creating a field of dust storm. They may use Wall of Sand and Sleet Storm (subbing Earth for Cold in this case) at will.

Earth Eruption: The 12th level Earth Bender has taken one of their earliest abilities, the Hail of Stone, and intensified it. They may cause a greater eruption of earth and stone, replicating the spell Earth Reaver, save that all the damage is untyped damage from the impact of stones.

Stone Softening: At 12th level, the Earth Bender’s control over earth and stone has focused to the point where simply shaping it is child’s play. They may use Transmute Mud to Rock, Transmute Rock to Mud, and Move Earth at will.

The Hills Have Arms: A 13th level Earth Bender can use Stonehold at will.

Miniature Colossus: Where as before, an Earth Bender found their movement extremely constricted, now they can coat themselves in a fine layer of metal. They may use Metal Skin at will upon reaching 14th level.

Earthquake: Possibly the hallmark of high level Earth Benders. With a mighty stomp, the Earth Bender can create massive tremors in the immediate area. A 15th level Earth Bender can use Earthquake at will.

Earth Benders

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