All the core feats can be found here.
Outside of those, there are feats in just about every book published for D&D, those of which have been published by WotC can be found here.
Any feat that is not Core, or printed here, that you’re interested in, please run by me, and I’ll take a look at it, there is a wide range of power in feats, so some may need boosting, some may need nerfing, and others may be fine as they are.

The Bard class is replaced in this campaign by a feat, seen here.

Now, aside from those, Tome has many feats of it’s own. The most notable of which are meant to replace most Core feats and scale with level. I’ve seen a lot of people say that this makes things too complicated, and thus I’m not using them. This leaves [Fiend/Celestial/Elemental], [Necromantic], and [Undead] feats from Tome, to be reproduced on their respective pages:

Elemental feats
Fiend and Celestial feats
Goblin feats
Monstrous feats
Necromantic feats
Undead feats

[Fiend] feats come with Fiendish Traits, non-mechanical representations of the taint of evil a character receives from using the power of evil. For feats with multiple tags (such as feats that are [Celestial] or [Elemental] as well as [Fiend] feats), only the tag relevant to how the character receives it determines whether they receive traits. Currently, only Fiendish traits exist, but I’m considering writing up Celestial, Elemental and Goblin traits.
You will also see such traits referenced in Spheres. When you take a feat, you get a physical trait, when you take a sphere, you gain a mental trait.

Tome also introduced various assorted feats of normal types, such as General, Item Creation, Metamagic, etc. Those are reproduced in their respective sections below:
General feats
Item Creation feats
Metamagic feats

Finally, Tome introduced a new way to do Leadership feats, which simultaneously breaks up the benefit into more easily balanced chunks, through scaling, and makes them more useful, as before there was just Leadership, which gave you a second (weaker) character, and a bunch of followers, and was kind of a binary “Will the DM give you your full baggage train of attendants yes/no” thing. The cohort isn’t a huge problem, but it does mean that you have extra actions, and the followers range from helpful to completely useless. Tome Leadership feats give a theme to your followers and cohort, and a few other minor benefits, while delaying when you actually get said things. I’m going to allow them as a kind of way to run scaling feats up the flagpole, and see the reaction.
Leadership feats


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