Character Creation

Ability Scores
Roll two sets of 5d6, reroll 1s, drop the two lowest.

Race and Class
All races listed on the wiki front page are allowed, assuming, of course, that the minimum level for a powerful creature does not exceed party level at the time of introduction, as are classes. Each has a page describing how they fit into the world and the specific version being used (even if it’s the standard version). Races and classes from other sources will be reviewed and allowed on a case by case basis.
Starting level is fourth.
current level is: 10

Skills are pretty standard, though some specialized crafts and knowledges may be introduced as the campaign progresses. The skills page will describe a few special rules for skills.

The feats page will describe special feats for the setting. Outside of these, feats from virtually any book are allowable, though I request that book and page number be provided to me so that i can review.
I may introduce some scaling feats, a la Races of War if i feel it is necessary, or people want them.

Character Creation

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