Catho Tree Heartwood

A chunk ripped from the core of the Catho Tree


When Catho Tree heartwood touches un-altered natural substance (flesh, wood, stone, soil, etc), including worked (hewn stone, carved wood, etc.), but not substantially altered (sand>glass), it begins to quickly grow, sprouting roots and vines and a trunk in only a few rounds. Once it touches suitable material, it will be rooted in four rounds, and begin growing 5’ vertically and diameter-wise each round. Diameter growth will cease after a width of 2 miles has been reached.


Catho Tree heartwood was literally ripped from the core of the Catho Tree by the orcish armies. There are a couple dozen chunks floating around Asyeun.
Catho Tree heartwood is actually dark stone, shot through with streaks and splotches of green and amber, with some specimens even holding petrified insects within.

Catho Tree Heartwood

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