Asyeun: Beginnings

Session Four- The Royal Wedding

In addition to their weapons, Lord Naever had gifted the party an invitation to a royal wedding. He was unfortunately unable to attend, and was greatful that he could let someone else attend the even.
After returning to Aidespol from the Son of Diesed camp, the party broke up to pursue their own interests, waiting a week to head out, as they didn’t want to show up a week early for the wedding. During this time, Zollex was approached by a young elven woman, who introduced herself as Lucrezia, explaining that she was a silver dragon, currently in her more convenient alternate form, sent by the forces of good to serve him as a mount in combat.

As they neared the villa, they noticed that the surrounding farmlands seemed completely empty, and that the fields had not been tended for some time. Riding down into the village, Sir Jacen knocked on a door, which was quickly opened by a beautiful young woman, who assured him that nothing was wrong. He told her that he knew something was wrong, and at this time, felt something roughly the size of a dog rebound off of his shield. At the same time, four more creatures fell out of the sky around the party, and the woman attempted to push him backwards into the group, failing. Five dog sized quadrupeds stood amongst the group, black of hide, short horns protruding from their heads, tattered gossamer wings standing out from their backs, and long fangs dripping slime. In an instant, they, and the woman, took the forms of the party. The knight was faced with a copy of himself, two copies of Zollex stood between him and the hut, another to his right, and two copies of Tropos flanked Jacen’s horse. Sir Jacen stood resolutely in front of the door, too busy fighting the changeling demon in front of him to give his horse orders, such as to move away as Tropos had shouted for everyone to do. Zollex, already mounted upon his dragon, grabbed one copy of himself and flew up. Tropos reluctantly dropped a fireball, having to target the horse to reach all the changeling demons, assured by Jacen that the steed could take it. The ball of flame set fire to most of the changeling demons, even dropping a couple immediately. Before long, the demons lay dead and scorched, and the bolting horse had been caught by Lucrezia, and put out with a low grade use of her breath weapon.

Tropos had recalled, vaguely, what these fiends were, and that useful items could be made from them, and so the party gathered the corpses and continued on to the villa, to make sure they knew what was going on. They were greeted warmly, and told that the Senator and his guests were aware of what was going on, and planned on taking care of it after the wedding, as the demons seemed primarily interested in the villa, which was protected by a magic circle. The party went back out hunting the changeling demons and called it a day after a few hours that saw them accumulating 54 more changeling demon corpses. Returning to the Villa, they found that the people within had started their evening meal, a few commoners in the tent city just inside the walls prepared and ate their own meals, while many more, those without religious or philosophical obligations, ate with the wedding party and guests. The party mingled with the guests and wedding party, getting a better handle on what was going on, and having their suspicions slowly turn towards the prince rather than his bride.


Korbl Korbl

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