Asyeun: Beginnings

Session Three- The Beasts of Naerveron (conclusion)

After but a moment to suit up properly, the lord appeared, having been called by his servants. He arrived in the armoury where they had taken cover, and quickly suited up himself. When he came out, he found that the excitement was over, that the party had successfully slain Clayton on their own. He thanked the party graciously, and his steward stepped forward, handing each of them a magic, alchemical silver version of their main weapon. Now fully equipped, they rode out to the village.
They found the place in shambles, smoke and screams and howls curled into the air. Fire flickered in many huts from dropped candles or overturned lanterns, and the party found the remaining werewolves in hybrid form, along with a dozen new werewolves, surrounding the tavern. The waist-high stone of it’s walls and well secured torches and lanterns made it a defensible location, while it’s size made it a convenient gathering place.
Tropos laid down a short firewall, scorching most of them, and setting many on fire. As they charged, a combination of spells, the knight’s lance and horse, and the paladin’s sword, the beasts were quickly felled. Villagers were tended to in the hopes that they could be later cured of their lycanthropy, while the beasts that started the whole crisis were skinned for their valuable pelts.
The party hitched a ride with Lord Naever as he returned to Aidespol to oversee his work there. From there, they found a teleport wright to take them to The Sons of Diesed camp so that they could collect the bounties.


Korbl Korbl

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