Asyeun: Beginnings

Session Two- The Beasts of Naerveron

The party came to the manor of Lord Naerver after five years of erranting at the behest of the new senator, Olympos. They found the village to be stoic, and the Lord to be absent from his manor home, attending to business elsewhere, in the manner of most lords, leaving his manor staff to mind the house, and the steward to mind the manor.
The staff mentioned that something had been heard scratching at the kitchen door the night previous, but hadn’t been checked. The door is thick wood bound by transmuted stone, thus they didn’t worry.
The party looked at the tracks, and found that it had been a rust monster, drawn by the scent of iron in the kitchen. The villagers substantiated with mention of much metal having gone missing, though they hadn’t worried much, merely adapting to use whittled wood and hewn stone in it’s place.
Laying bait the next night, they found the rust monster as it came prowling again, and slew it with little trouble. They slept well, provided room by the Lord’s staff, and set out the next day to track the monster, to find if there were others. With the help of a woodsman hunting in the forest, they tracked one that had been in the village, finding a small den deep in the Lord’s woods, surrounded with wolf tracks.
As the dwarf entered the den to find what was sleeping inside, he found three wolves, a monstrous dire wolf, and a rust monster. The wolves pursued him out of the den, where the party was waiting. A battle ensued, but the party was forced to retreat, to mend their wounds and prepare. They laid bait for the other rust monster, but to no avail, as the monster didn’t come. Ready to leave and let the lord deal with the problem, or for the wolves to stay unharmed, the next morning they were greeted by the Lord’s daughter, Maritha, who’d come up from the village to see to her father’s surprise guests. She offered them room for another night, and assured them that the family was well used to battle, and would be able to take care of the wolves and rust monster.
That night, the dire wolf was seen running up to the manor as the dwarf laid in wait for the rust monster yet again. A fight ensued as the beast attacked, and the rest of the party joined the battle, alerted by the dwarf’s bolt hitting the stack of pots and pans meant to bait the rust monster. The beast leapt onto the balcony of the manor, and ran inside, but was smited by the paladin.

Now the party looks towards town, from whence the cries of villagers echo, smoke curling into the sky under lit by glowing flame.


Korbl Korbl

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