Asyeun: Beginnings

First Session- Character Creation!

The Party Assembles. ...Mostly.

The party has now been determined to consist of Sir Jacen Brightshield, Dragon Knight in training, Tropos, former warmage of the Athosian army, and the paladin Zollex, last scion of a fallen line.

Zollex’s father, Senator Akakios, was slain by his evil uncle while his attention was on a war against the Orcish army raised by the dark lich Chara. Akakios had contacted Sir Jacen’s mentor, Kalbreth the fair, and asked for his help with some of the side skirmish’s. Kalbreth fell in one of these skirmishes, against goblins onto whose chitin had been grafted metal plates, while Tropos’ squadron was all but wiped out.

Back home, Zollex’s uncle had declared the young man unfit to manage his father’s lands and people, and had taken them for himself.

When the newly knighted Sir Jacen and the lone survivor Tropos returned to Krasios, they found that Akakios had died, and that his brother Olympos had usurped the throne.

Three drew together out of familiarity, and have formed an adventuring party, as their lives seemed to have taken sudden turns from what they’d planned.

New house rule:
Using Tome Scaling Magic Items. See Equpiment section of wiki for Magic Item rules.


Korbl Korbl

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