Asyeun: Beginnings

Session Four- The Royal Wedding

In addition to their weapons, Lord Naever had gifted the party an invitation to a royal wedding. He was unfortunately unable to attend, and was greatful that he could let someone else attend the even.
After returning to Aidespol from the Son of Diesed camp, the party broke up to pursue their own interests, waiting a week to head out, as they didn’t want to show up a week early for the wedding. During this time, Zollex was approached by a young elven woman, who introduced herself as Lucrezia, explaining that she was a silver dragon, currently in her more convenient alternate form, sent by the forces of good to serve him as a mount in combat.

As they neared the villa, they noticed that the surrounding farmlands seemed completely empty, and that the fields had not been tended for some time. Riding down into the village, Sir Jacen knocked on a door, which was quickly opened by a beautiful young woman, who assured him that nothing was wrong. He told her that he knew something was wrong, and at this time, felt something roughly the size of a dog rebound off of his shield. At the same time, four more creatures fell out of the sky around the party, and the woman attempted to push him backwards into the group, failing. Five dog sized quadrupeds stood amongst the group, black of hide, short horns protruding from their heads, tattered gossamer wings standing out from their backs, and long fangs dripping slime. In an instant, they, and the woman, took the forms of the party. The knight was faced with a copy of himself, two copies of Zollex stood between him and the hut, another to his right, and two copies of Tropos flanked Jacen’s horse. Sir Jacen stood resolutely in front of the door, too busy fighting the changeling demon in front of him to give his horse orders, such as to move away as Tropos had shouted for everyone to do. Zollex, already mounted upon his dragon, grabbed one copy of himself and flew up. Tropos reluctantly dropped a fireball, having to target the horse to reach all the changeling demons, assured by Jacen that the steed could take it. The ball of flame set fire to most of the changeling demons, even dropping a couple immediately. Before long, the demons lay dead and scorched, and the bolting horse had been caught by Lucrezia, and put out with a low grade use of her breath weapon.

Tropos had recalled, vaguely, what these fiends were, and that useful items could be made from them, and so the party gathered the corpses and continued on to the villa, to make sure they knew what was going on. They were greeted warmly, and told that the Senator and his guests were aware of what was going on, and planned on taking care of it after the wedding, as the demons seemed primarily interested in the villa, which was protected by a magic circle. The party went back out hunting the changeling demons and called it a day after a few hours that saw them accumulating 54 more changeling demon corpses. Returning to the Villa, they found that the people within had started their evening meal, a few commoners in the tent city just inside the walls prepared and ate their own meals, while many more, those without religious or philosophical obligations, ate with the wedding party and guests. The party mingled with the guests and wedding party, getting a better handle on what was going on, and having their suspicions slowly turn towards the prince rather than his bride.

Session Three- The Beasts of Naerveron (conclusion)

After but a moment to suit up properly, the lord appeared, having been called by his servants. He arrived in the armoury where they had taken cover, and quickly suited up himself. When he came out, he found that the excitement was over, that the party had successfully slain Clayton on their own. He thanked the party graciously, and his steward stepped forward, handing each of them a magic, alchemical silver version of their main weapon. Now fully equipped, they rode out to the village.
They found the place in shambles, smoke and screams and howls curled into the air. Fire flickered in many huts from dropped candles or overturned lanterns, and the party found the remaining werewolves in hybrid form, along with a dozen new werewolves, surrounding the tavern. The waist-high stone of it’s walls and well secured torches and lanterns made it a defensible location, while it’s size made it a convenient gathering place.
Tropos laid down a short firewall, scorching most of them, and setting many on fire. As they charged, a combination of spells, the knight’s lance and horse, and the paladin’s sword, the beasts were quickly felled. Villagers were tended to in the hopes that they could be later cured of their lycanthropy, while the beasts that started the whole crisis were skinned for their valuable pelts.
The party hitched a ride with Lord Naever as he returned to Aidespol to oversee his work there. From there, they found a teleport wright to take them to The Sons of Diesed camp so that they could collect the bounties.

Session Two- The Beasts of Naerveron

The party came to the manor of Lord Naerver after five years of erranting at the behest of the new senator, Olympos. They found the village to be stoic, and the Lord to be absent from his manor home, attending to business elsewhere, in the manner of most lords, leaving his manor staff to mind the house, and the steward to mind the manor.
The staff mentioned that something had been heard scratching at the kitchen door the night previous, but hadn’t been checked. The door is thick wood bound by transmuted stone, thus they didn’t worry.
The party looked at the tracks, and found that it had been a rust monster, drawn by the scent of iron in the kitchen. The villagers substantiated with mention of much metal having gone missing, though they hadn’t worried much, merely adapting to use whittled wood and hewn stone in it’s place.
Laying bait the next night, they found the rust monster as it came prowling again, and slew it with little trouble. They slept well, provided room by the Lord’s staff, and set out the next day to track the monster, to find if there were others. With the help of a woodsman hunting in the forest, they tracked one that had been in the village, finding a small den deep in the Lord’s woods, surrounded with wolf tracks.
As the dwarf entered the den to find what was sleeping inside, he found three wolves, a monstrous dire wolf, and a rust monster. The wolves pursued him out of the den, where the party was waiting. A battle ensued, but the party was forced to retreat, to mend their wounds and prepare. They laid bait for the other rust monster, but to no avail, as the monster didn’t come. Ready to leave and let the lord deal with the problem, or for the wolves to stay unharmed, the next morning they were greeted by the Lord’s daughter, Maritha, who’d come up from the village to see to her father’s surprise guests. She offered them room for another night, and assured them that the family was well used to battle, and would be able to take care of the wolves and rust monster.
That night, the dire wolf was seen running up to the manor as the dwarf laid in wait for the rust monster yet again. A fight ensued as the beast attacked, and the rest of the party joined the battle, alerted by the dwarf’s bolt hitting the stack of pots and pans meant to bait the rust monster. The beast leapt onto the balcony of the manor, and ran inside, but was smited by the paladin.

Now the party looks towards town, from whence the cries of villagers echo, smoke curling into the sky under lit by glowing flame.

First Session- Character Creation!
The Party Assembles. ...Mostly.

The party has now been determined to consist of Sir Jacen Brightshield, Dragon Knight in training, Tropos, former warmage of the Athosian army, and the paladin Zollex, last scion of a fallen line.

Zollex’s father, Senator Akakios, was slain by his evil uncle while his attention was on a war against the Orcish army raised by the dark lich Chara. Akakios had contacted Sir Jacen’s mentor, Kalbreth the fair, and asked for his help with some of the side skirmish’s. Kalbreth fell in one of these skirmishes, against goblins onto whose chitin had been grafted metal plates, while Tropos’ squadron was all but wiped out.

Back home, Zollex’s uncle had declared the young man unfit to manage his father’s lands and people, and had taken them for himself.

When the newly knighted Sir Jacen and the lone survivor Tropos returned to Krasios, they found that Akakios had died, and that his brother Olympos had usurped the throne.

Three drew together out of familiarity, and have formed an adventuring party, as their lives seemed to have taken sudden turns from what they’d planned.

New house rule:
Using Tome Scaling Magic Items. See Equpiment section of wiki for Magic Item rules.


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